Transdisciplinary treatment of an infant at risk of autism


In this lecture the treatment of Enrico is presented, including many session fragments which have been filmed. Having an autistic brother, Enrico was considered at high risk of developing autism. In such cases of high risk very early interventions are essential. The boy’s development was indeed impaired, he had difficulties sucking due to a double frenulum of the tongue, a dislocated jaw and very poor general movements. The study of these movements has recently been shown (in Nature, 2022) to be capable of assessing a risk of autism as the C. H. A. T. does at 18 months.
The work presented is that of an osteopath, a sensorimotor- integration specialist and a psychoanalyst who colaborated since the boy was 3 months old. He is now 5 years old and has no sequelae.

The lecture is of great interest also for therapists and analysts who work with adults as well as with children who are not at risk of developing autism, since it presents a fascinating understanding of early development and of very special interventions made at a very early age.

Dr. Marie Christine Laznik

is a psychoanalyst, member of the International Lacanian Association (À. L. I.), author of numerous books and articles on autism. She is also a researcher and has published several scientific articles on autism. She authored the signs of risk of autism at 4 and 9 months for the so-called PREAUT grid.