The Israeli co-sponsors

The Psychotherapy Program, Academic Center of Continuing Medical Education Faculty , Tel Aviv University, Israel

The Psychotherapy Program was established in 1971 by Prof. Franz Brill, Prof. Alberta Shalita, Prof. Leon Greenberg and Prof. Eddy Rosenberg in order to provide deep and comprehensive training in psychodynamic psychotherapy for psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers.

The Psychotherapy Program has developed extensively since its formation so that today it comprises of:

  • The original 3-year core program, consisting of a weekly full day of studies which includes mandatory courses that encompass the fundamental psychoanalytic theories and the core themes that underpin them, optional courses, clinical seminars and individual supervision. Over the years thousands of students have studied and graduated from the core program, many of which continue to study in advanced tracks.
  • Six advanced tracks of continuing studies, each similar to the core program in its structure. The advanced tracks are intended for graduates of the core program (or similar programs in other institutions) or senior professionals and include the following: Self Psychology and the Psychotherapeutic Action; Primitive Mental States; Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy; Relational Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy; Kleinian Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy – Theory and Practice; Independent Psychoanalysis: Radical Breakthroughs. Studies in both the core program and a majority of the advanced tracks entitle graduates to a certificate of Tel Aviv University.
  • A special program for PhD studies in psychoanalysis. This program has been established as the result of collaboration between the Psychotherapy Program and the faculty of Graduate Studies of the faculty.
  • A one-year study framework for professionals in the medical and para-medical fields with an interest in developing an understanding of psychodynamic psychotherapy. 

The Psychotherapy Program holds annual conferences, both international and local, which focus on the cutting-edge psychoanalytic thinking in Israel and around the world.