Investigating clinical developments in autistic withdrawal movements – PRISMA


With clinical vignettes illustrating developments from autistic withdrawals to relational nuances within child psychoanalysis, we will present our PRISMA (Protocol for Psychoanalytic Investigation of Signs Mapping Changes in Autism). Autism nowadays has been surrounded by polemics where psychoanalysis has been losing space as a useful treatment when compared with behavioral alternatives. Prisma is a psychoanalytic instrument, emphasizing psychic change and subtle nuances that may not always be noticed, but that contribute as a basis for genuine and longstanding structural transformations in autistic children’s and their families’ lives. This instrument helps professionals to be attentive to psychic structural aspects and can help psychoanalysis to demonstrate its potential as a modality for comprehension of mental life and for the treatment of autism. It favors, therefore, our attention to our own counter-transferential responses – with conscious but mainly massively primitive and unconscious processes triggering the analyst, as we move along the contact with the patient and with our own primitive states. Within this autistic dimension, we work with the building up of psychic functioning, fostering the capacity for representation and attribution of meaning to experience, rather than the withdrawal from the intensity or fragility of relational links. Our protocol highlights the following areas of development:sense of interest in people or objects, shared interaction, sensory integration, constitution of internal space, symbolic capacity and transferential field.

Marisa Helena Leite Monteiro & Mariângela Mendes de Almeida

Marisa Helena Leite Monteiro is a Training, Supervising Analyst and Director of the Child and Adolescent  Training Program (2022-2023) and Vice-President of The Psychoanalytical Society of Rio de Janeiro – SPRJ (2024-2025) – Master Degree in Science at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, Specialization in Family Therapy at Psychiatric Institute of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – IPUB/UFRJ, Member of PRISMA Group on Psychoanalysis and Autism and INSPIRA (International Symposium for Psychoanalytic Interregional Research on Autistic Disorders). Chair of Scientific Department at Psychoanalytical Society of Rio de Janeiro – SPRJ (2014-2015), Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist at Philippe Pinel Institute, Psychiatric Hospital of the Health National Service – Childhood and Adolescent Orientation Center – COIJ (1993-1997), Co-author  of the books; “Atendimento Psicanalítico do Autismo” Ed. Zagodoni, 2104 and “Psicoanálisis de Niños con Autismo” Ed. Europa, 2018.

Mariângela Mendes de Almeida is a Psychoanalyst, Associate Member of the SBPSP/IPA, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, M.A. by the Tavistock Clinic/University of East London, Doctorate by UNIFESP, Brasil, on Paediatrics and Psychoanalysis. Clinical Associate at the Child and Family Department, Tavistock Clinic, Child Psychotherapy Course, including participation in the Autism Workshop (1988 to 1993). Co-founder and coordinator, for ten years, of a Day-Unit for autistic children in São Paulo. Research Fellow IPA. Member of GPPA (Prisma Group on Psychoanalysis and Autism), INSPIRA (International Symposium for Psychoanalytic Interregional Research on Autistic Disorders). CIPPA (interdisciplinary integration within autism), RIEPPI (integration within psychoanalytic work with infants) and ALOBB (Latin American Association of Infant Observers)  Head of a Parents-Infants Early Intervention Service.  Brazilian and international publications in journals and chapters in books on primitive states and autistic functioning, having co-organized Looking and Listening – Work from the São Paulo Mother-Baby Relationship Study Centre, with Mélega and Leite da Costa, by Karnac, 2012 and Infância, vínculos e diversidade profissional with Silva, by Blucher, 2019, besides GPPA’s publications on psychoanalysis of children with autism, Ed. Zagodoni 2014 and Psicoanálisis de Niños con Autismo, Ed. Europa, 2018.


 will be open till Wednesday, January 31st, 2024. There will no registration later than this date.

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