Undifferentiated and Confusional Erotogenic Organizations in Autistic Spectrum Disorder Adolescents


The lecture will discuss the influence of sensory-motor factors on the constitution of autistic deviations from normal psychophysical space. Four types of loops will be presented that describe puzzling spatial configurations in Autistic Spectrum Disorders.     

Undifferentiated and confusional loop-like erotogenic organizations are relevant in two pervasive phenomena typical in ASD adolescents these days. The first phenomenon refers to a largely prevalent tendency to replace physical libidinousness (sex, including masturbation) by watching and listening to representations of sex that are ‘dirty’ and ‘sterile’ at the same time. The second phenomenon refers to the high percentage of gender fluidity and transsexuality among ASD adolescents and adults. In these cases, there is a strong endeavour to understand sexual features in the context of gender discourse, while hardly grasping the complexity and contextuality of gender at all. I will elaborate the assumption that pre-oedipal and oedipal stages, that were experienced under the blinding shadow of undifferentiated erotogenic organization, develop into a psychophysical reality where sexual identifications are doomed to be dominated by perverted and psychotic libidinal manifestations.

Tami Pollak, (PhD)

is a senior clinical social worker, psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. She worked for 30 years in a day care unit for young children with ASD. She teaches in the Primitive Mental States advanced track of studies at the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program, Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University and at Reichman University, Israel. She has a PhD in Philosophy, integrating psychoanalytic object-relations metapsychology with French phenomenology. Dr. Pollak has published the article ‘The body-container’ and ‘Constitutive Intervention’ in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis; ‘The body and the consulting room’s materiality as a path for developing intersubjective psychophysical space’ and ‘Twisted Loops’ in the Journal of Child Psychotherapy and four more articles in Israeli psychoanalytic journals. She edited the book ‘Treating children with autistic spectrum disorders: A psychoanalytic and developmental approach’ (2017), in which she also contributed two chapters. She is the author of the book ‘The BodI – psychophysical space as transitional space’ (2018), published in Israel, which is now in the process of being translated into English.


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